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Fool Child


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Fool Child are an English songwriting duo whose musical output spans dreamy Aussie coastal-folk, with the alternative/indie-rock sound of their homeland. The reason for such a sound undoubtedly lies, in part, to their professed admiration for artists such as 'Angus & Julia Stone' and 'Ben Howard'. Perhaps a more crucial part of the narrative, however, is the nature of this coming together of two young musicians new to the city of Melbourne. After both completing separate travel journeys around South East Asia in mid-2016, Matty Green (Manchester) and Scott Harrison (Liverpool) found themselves putting their individual musical dreams on hold whilst they searched for a place to live - and where else would they meet but a popular hostel in the backpacking Mecca that is St Kilda. Ever the home of long-lasting, meaningful relationships, the boys now look back on the hostel that birthed the chance encounter with an ironic smirk. Melbourne, it seemed, already had a lot to offer. Two years on, and it’s clear that this amalgamation of musical minds wasn’t all that was at play here. Often found blending the delayed guitar tones of bands like ‘Foals’ with rhythmic grooves inspired by the likes of ‘Frank Ocean’, the lads are unashamed about their wide-range of influences and - living in the Australian capital of culture - are seemingly no strangers to the eclectic mix of great musicians the city has to offer. In early 2017, Fool Child caught up with Nashville-based Australian producer Josh Barber whilst he was in Melbourne and went into the studio to record their debut single ‘Where the Wild Souls’. Impressed, Triple J host Dom Alessio described the track as ‘Warm like a campfire on a cold night.’ At the heart of the music is an inherent thirst for discovery. Wistful tunes laced with thematic lyrics; fitting with the modern discourse and the youthful tendency to travel, to love, to lose. This first single, hears Green sing ‘lovers come and go, so we’ll just take it slow. We’ll roam far away, where the wild souls call home.’ The sort of contradiction that your granddad might correct, but a relatable one at that. This lack of resolution is imperative to Fool Child’s storytelling, it is clear they want the listener to jump aboard and be involved in their journey, enticing them to come to subjective conclusions. Fool Child enjoyed a successful first full year on the scene, their second single ‘Dragon Blood’ was an immediate success becoming a fan-favourite, whilst gaining radio airplay in Australia. The boys showed their diverse range covering one of the R&B hits of 2017 in Khalid’s ‘Young Dumb & Broke’ when they appeared on Punt Sessions. After collaborating with the highly lauded Australian producer John Castle for the release of their third single ‘Dance On Your Own’, Fool Child are hoping to follow in the footsteps of the long-list of success stories nudged along by Castle’s musical mastery. Remaining avid lovers of their respective hometowns, Fool Child boast a fierce British charm yet are embracing this Melbourne scene, VB in one hand, cuppa’ tea in the other.

Instagram: foolchildbanda

Dragon Blood (Official Music Video):
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